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Manufacturing and delivery meet the requirements of contracts and agreements;

Comply with industrial, national and global standards;

Are manufactured in accordance with design and technical documentation.

JSC “NPO Energomash”’s quality management system (QMS) has successfully passed audit (a scheduled, yearly inspection), administered by the certifying body Aerospace Technologies Certification Centre CJSC. Audits of the enterprise’s QMS by foreign customers confirm that the enterprise currently has a high-standard quality management system, enabling the enterprise to fulfil the obligations it has taken on.

Fundamentals of Quality Management System (FQMS) of JSC “NPO Energomash” has successfully passed the audit (a scheduled, annual inspection) of CJSC “Aerospace Technologies Certification Centre” certification authority. Foreign Customer’s Audits of the enterprise’s FQMS confirm that the existing FQMS is of a high-standard level, which enables the enterprise to fulfil the undertaken obligations.

To improve the FQMS, a Quality Coordination Council (QCC)  was established within the integrated structure (IS) which aim is:

  • Development and implementation of a common policy, access to maximizing the enterprises’ potential, and their involvement in IS’ goals in the area of quality achievement;
  • Support in setting up of the corporate regulatory background conforming to the national regulatory documentation, as well as to the world rocket engineering leaders’ documentation;
  • Informing the IS Management on production quality and reliability status.

Currently, work has been initiated to develop a list of corporate regulatory documentation (fundamentals of the Integrated Structure (IS) quality management system) and an agreement to conduct specialists’ joint training in quality area.

Taking into account unequal levels of competence in the area of FQMS of the IS enterprises personnel, and in terms of resources consolidation, training of the personnel from PJSC “Proton-PM”, JSC KBKhA, and from other rocket engineering cooperation (not incorporated into the IS yet) has been arranged at JSC “NPO Energomash”. A program on senior managers and specialists’ training on quality management issues has been approved.

One of the stages to create a new system shall be the development of “The Program for Strategic Development of FQMS for IS Enterprises by 2020”. The Program includes the following areas:

  • determination and concurrence of goals and tasks, as well as of key quality indicators;
  • implementation of a concurrent system to account quality costs;
  • implementation of concurrent requirements and criteria for the quality of products procured by IS enterprises;
  • development and implementation of enterprise-wide standards which delineate the IS FQMS processes and their interaction;
  • preparation to certify the enterprises in accordance with the requirements of GOST R EN9100;
  • approval of a program to train enterprises’ personnel of all levels in accordance with the FQMS requirements;
  • introduction of the staff motivation program to achieve the results in the area of quality;
  • implementation of the automatic deviations record beginning with Design and Technical Documentation within production stage;
  • implementation of additional operations for photo- and video-monitoring, as well as implementation of new non-destructive control methods;
  • development of the program on automation of test equipment, as well as of equipment for monitoring and recording test results.

An important stage of the corporate FQMS development is exchange of experience and of quality management best practices within IS enterprises. Continuous exchanges of regulatory and methodological FQMS documentation, as well as personal interaction between specialists take place.

Within the corporate FQMS concept, an annual audit for technological processes, metrological support and the fundamentals of quality management system (FQMS) at IS enterprises is scheduled.

Komarov, Igor Anatolievich
JSC “NPO Energomash” means an interesting history, glorious traditions, genuine breakthroughs, and amazing people.
Almost 4 thousand enthusiasts, professionals, talented scientists work here. NPO Energomash’s portfolio includes a unified range of oxygen-kerosene engines with thrust range of 60 to 1,000 tf, which makes it possible to equip with the engine any advanced launch vehicle (LV), from light to superheavy class...
Komarov, Igor Anatolievich
General Director of Roscosmos State Space Corporation
Kirilin, Alexandr Nikolaevich
Business contacts and close cooperation in the development of space equipment connect our teams.

Since the establishment of space LV production at the Progress plant and engineering design support team formation, business contacts and close cooperation in the development of space equipment connect our employees. Since, for more than half a century now the 1st and 2nd stages of the well-known “Semyorka” are reliably powered by the engines of your enterprise development.

Over this period several successful engine modifications were carried out. At present, JSC “NPO Energomash” has a number of advanced, modern, ecologically clean, oxygen-kerosene, high-performance engines used both in our country and abroad. I would like to express my strong confidence that we can work together to further maintain the glorious traditions of Russian cosmonautics and implement new advanced projects.

Kirilin, Alexandr Nikolaevich
General Director of Progress Rocket Space Center JSC
Degtyar, Vladimir Grigorievich
A history of collaborative development of rocket systems, which began in 1972, connects JSC “Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau” and JSC “NPO Energomash”.
JSC “Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau” and JSC “NPO Energomash” are constantly engaged in joint work on advanced rocket systems powered by 15D285 (RD-274) engine.
High performance of the engines developed by JSC “NPO Energomash” makes it possible to develop rocket systems with the required performance. Within joint projects, JSC “NPO Energomash” provided successful solutions to complicated scientific and technical issues appearing when using the engines as a part of LVs and in the course of component tests.
I wish JSC “NPO Energomash” team future creative success, prosperity, and well-being.
Degtyar, Vladimir Grigorievich
General Director and Chief Designer at JSC “Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau”
Rogozin, Dmitry Olegovich
RD-180 engine is a very successful engine, delivered even to the USA...
Nobody has such perfect engines...

Rogozin, Dmitry Olegovich
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
Lemeshevskiy, Sergey Antonovich
Long-term good-neighbor relations connect our enterprises and teams
Being enterprises forming a Khimki company town, we do what we can to contribute to the development of Russian cosmonautics and to strengthening the defensive capabilities and security of our motherland.
Though the manufacturers of engines which power the spacecrafts and boosters developed by Lavochkin NPO are still only preparing to join the integrated structure of the rocket engineering enterprises headed by NPO Energomash, it is clear that none of our spacecrafts would be able to reach their operational orbit without the main propulsion engines developed at JSC “NPO Energomash”.
We wish our neighbor and its glorious team success in implementation of the necessary reforms in Russian space rocket engineering, new victories in the development and manufacturing of advanced rocket engines, and success in maintaining the position they have achieved as a world leader in this field.
Lemeshevskiy, Sergey Antonovich
Acting General Director of Lavochkin NPO