JSC “NPO Energomash” Design Bureau possesses powerful intellectual and cadre potential to develop the constructions able to operate under super-high pressures, cryogenic temperatures, high temperature gases and aggressive fluids, high vibrations and other external factors. Design and analytical departments of Design Bureau conduct the activities directed at improvement of reliability of the units and Liquid Propulsion Rocket Engine integrally, mathematical simulation of the processes within the engine. Design Bureau studies practicability to use new propellants, new materials and new engine diagrams as well as prolongs the period of technical applicability of the LPREs being in operation with expired warranty periods. JSC “NPO Energomash” has designed more than 60 LPREs. The engines have been in operation and continue to be operated in domestic missiles and launch vehicles, since 2000 they have been using for Atlas LV. In order to improve operational characteristics of the engines produced by NPO Energomash the Design Bureau conducts the following activities:
Works on reusability of modified engines. The activities are conducted within the frames of industrial R&D activities.
Development of RD180 engine modification for manned flights with the use of “Atlas-V” LV.
Design Bureau is involved in a great volume of activities directed at:

• Development of new options of LOX-kerosene LPREs such as RD193 with thrust of 170tf at sea level and RD175 with thrust of 1000tf at sea level for the launch vehicles potentially required at space rocketry market;

• Design engineering analysis to develop a tri-component dual-mode engine;

• Development of multidisciplinary models of LPRE’s elements;

• Development of nozzle extension from hydrocarbon composite materials;

• Development of heat protective coatings with the use of nanotechnologies;

• Modeling of the main units and the processes within them;

• Conduction of strength, thermal dynamics, hydraulic and heat analysis of MTU, РКТ, СА и т.д.

Great attention paid to engineering design supervision of serial production directed at design and technical documentation requirements compliance control as well as participation in preparation for flight operation of the engines developed at NPO Energomash: RD-107 and RD-108 (11D511, 11D512, 14D21, 14D22), RD-276 (14D14M), RD171M, RD180, RD191 engines family. Design Bureau is constantly involved in the activities to enhance competitive ability of the company at Russian and world markets due to development of and introduction to the market a new generation products, introduction to the production activity of the company innovation technologies and technical solutions directed at cost decrease and quality improvement of the engines produced by NPO Energomash. NPO Energomash continues to be one of the leaders in rocket-space propulsion engineering thanks to achievements of highly qualified experts of Design Bureau.

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