On November 24, 2017 State Duma of the Russian Federation passed the bill to ratify the Agreement between Governments of Russia and China “for technology protection measures in connection with cooperation in the area of exploration and use of the outer space for peaceful purposes and development and operation of launch vehicles and ground space infrastructure”. Igor Komarov, General Director of State Corporation “ROSCOSMOS”, during his speech to his deputies reported that the bill was concurred with the federal bodies of executive authority interested in and all required positive findings received and he also added that “this agreement won’t require any additional federal budget expenditures”. During the discussions in the Lower House of the Parliament the head of ROSCOSM noted that the ratification of Agreement will ensure transparent, clear and sufficient mechanisms to control the transfer of technologies and samples for all the parties of international cooperation in the area of space activities. The Document approved for today by State Duma of the Russian Federation has been approbated at the meeting of Russian Government and supported by State Duma International Affairs Committee. The Agreement between Russia and China signed on June 25, 2016 during the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir PUTIN to China defines the principles and regulations of cooperation development between two countries in the area of space activity which regulate the volume and order of parties access to the technical data and hardware of the joint projects on all stages of their realization.