The meeting of Coordinating Board was held at JSC “NPO Eneromash”, where the results of the activities regarding quality of Integrated Structure of Propulsion Engineering companies, existing problems and the ways of their solution were discussed.

Deputy General Director , Quality Director of JSC “NPO Energomash”, Sergey Tylibtsev made a report about perspectives to establish “digital passport of a product”. “Nowadays digital technologies so-called ‘digital duplexes’ of products and enterprises are actively being implemented at many industrial companies all over the world. These technologies are the future and we should not be behind in this direction and moreover, we shouldn’t be afraid of this. ” – S. Tylibtsev said.

“Next year at JSC “NPO Enegomash” the events directed for production digitization are planned, for example, purchase of equipment: vernier calipers, dynamometrical keys and other tools equipped by Wi-Fi modules. The data from this equipment will be stored and systematized in electronic data base – “cloud” – Mr. S. Tylibtsev clarified. According to Mr. S. Tylibtsev the digitization opens significant perspectives for improving the quality of the products produced as it minimize the impact of a man factor on production process.

The chief of the center of corporative quality management system, Dmitry Poluosmak also told about the events realized in 2017 and preliminary results of their completion. In particular, he mentioned about an annual program of audits, training events for all categories of personnel, improvement of quality personnel motivation system, achievement of targets and establishment of corporative quality management system on the whole. D. Poluosmak mentioned that in 2017 JSC “NPO Energomash” participated in the competition and was nominated for a prize of the Russian Federation Government in the field of quality” – he said.

Oleg Iliyn, the Chief Metrologist also reported to the participants of the meeting about establishment of common metrological service of Integrated Structure of Propulsion engineering and its governing body – Council of Integrated Structure of Propulsion engineering Chief metrologists. The Council will consider the results of research and development works in this field , form the common scientific-technical politics of Integrated Structure of Propulsion engineering in the field of metrological ensuring, settle outstanding issues, formulate recommendations regarding realization of innovative solutions in metrology.