NPO Energomash continues working on introduction of ERP which provides for automation of production control, material and technical support (logistics), sales, funds, personnel, storage, accounting and tax business within one information space together with electronic documentation system (LanDocs), access control and management system, equipment operation monitoring system (Naviman), product lifecycle management system (PLM) and automated system of products quality control.

The system introduction project is carried out with the help of program platforms of “Galactic” Corporation which is one of the leaders of enterprise control integrated systems on Russian market. More than 150 NPO Energomash experts are involved into the Project. The working process is managed by the controlling project committee under the chairmanship of Mr. Igor A. Arbuzov, NPO Energomash General Director.

Currently in the area of production control the users of subsystem “Introduction of Production Reference Data” have been trained, the preliminary testing of the subsystem has been successfully conducted. Starting from December 8 the subsystem will be operated in a testing mode. The users of “Volume-Calendar and Operational Planning and Control of Production” subsystem have been trained and the subsystem is ready for preliminary testing. The works on adjustment of “Production Logistics, Shop Production Control” subsystem are in process and engineering of “Internal Shop Production Control & Control of Production on the level of workroom” has been initiated.

In the area of finance control “Payments Control, Budget Limits Control” subsystem engineering has been performed and designing of subsystem “Controlling, Cost Calculation” is being performed.
In the area of logistics (material support), procurement and sales the designing of subsystems such as “Material Support Control”, “Production Logistics Support”, “Warehouse Reporting”, “Sales, Procurement and Contract Activity Control” has been completed. The activities on adjustment and development of these subsystems are being performed.