Quality Conference at NPO Energomash

Quality Conference was hold at NPO Energomash where the results of NPO Energomash’s activity in the area of quality for 2017 were summarized. At the  itsconference, which is planned to be conducted annually, the representatives of all NPO Energomash divisions as well as the representatives of companies-suppliers, control agencies and sub-contractors were present.

“The management of the company needs to know all spectrum of opinions and assessments of effectiveness of our activities to realize measures, of improvements implemented by the company in order to consider your suggestions directed to improve the quality of our activity and our products”, - said Mr. Arbuzov, NPO Energomash General Director.

According to his words - success in achievement of the planned results will be possible provided participation and interest of maximum number of NPO Energomash employees.

“Today, the quality of the products manufactured – is one of the main factors influencing the economics of the company. Besides, high quality of the products is the company’s image, - said I.A. Arbuzov. – This is the possibility of a long-term strategic cooperation with our existing and potential Russian and foreign customers. And each employer of the company has to understand that his actions influence the future of JSC “NPO Energomash”.

Mr. S.V. Tylibtsev, Deputy General Director of NPO Energomash, reported on the results of the conducted activities intended to improve Quality Management System (QMS).

“2017 at NPO Energomash was announced the Year of Quality.The quality was the priority #1 for us, an accent was made for unconditional and absolute meeting of the requirements, inadmissibility of defects and non-conformances/deviations/wavers and implementation of advanced methods of control and technologies”, said S.V. Tylibtsev.

In conclusion of his speech S.V. Tylibtsev said that NPO Energomash met contractual obligations and products quality and reliability requirements for 100 % towards government and foreign customers. “Totally, in 2017 eight Launch Vehicles with the engines developed and produced by NPO Energomash were launched, all of them were successful. That is we satisfied “failure index - zero”, an assigned task by Roscosmos state corporation”, - said Mr. Tylibtsev.

He added that NPO Energomash Quality Management System successfully passed the Audit (yearly planned audit) conducted by Closed Joint Stock company “TsSKT”, the certifying agency. In addition, the planned audits of the company by our foreign customers were conducted. “The conclusions/findings of foreign auditors are that EM Quality Management System is at high level that allows meeting the obligations undertaken by the company”, - said S.V. Tylibtsev.

In 2017 the measures to improve technological processes were realized. The activities to improve product reliability and introduce nondestructive methods of control were conducted. Technical re-equipment of test benches and metrological assurance was provided. Quality Management System functionality was improved.

In 2018 we’ll continue to improve QMS, implement atomized quality control systems, objective control methods and modern measurement devices. Technological processes will be corrected and methods of personnel motivation will be developed.

In the frames of implementation of the Plan of Technical Development the processes stability will be maintained, modernization of the test facility and development and technical re-equipment of production will be conducted.     

 Besides, the audits of suppliers will be conducted; the politics of operation and cooperation with the suppliers will be improved; the base of supplier product quality data will be established.

Petr S. Levochkin in his report stated that for today the earnest of success of any company is Quality, high speed of development and low cost of products.

“In order to improve quality system, decrease time for production and reduce cost of products at designing stage PLM system is to be implemented. This is three-dimensional designing; 3D-Model is an original of the Design Documentation. Complete mathematical formulation of all processes in LPRE is conducted. It allows avoiding mistakes under designing as engine configuration is determined at the stage when the engine is put into production”, - said P.S. Levochkin.

According to his words in order to improve products quality it is required to regulate all processes connected to wavers (deviations from technology) and repair as well as to actively implement objective methods of control and to reinforce control over technologies adherence.

 Mr. A.B. Bibichev also reported on the performed activities under the Plan of Technical Development directed to improve the quality of the products. 

 Besides,  Alexander Tokarev, controller of 6th grade, Alexander Davidov, CNC machine operator and Julia Andreenko, the chief of Bureau of Technical control made a speech at the conference. They reported about existing problems of their subdivisions and proposed the options for their solution.

At the end of the event S.V. Tylibtsev reminded about the competition at the company “Quality is leading” and appealed to all employees to participate to get the prizes of value. Some of the employees were handed the Certificates of the owners of “Quality shares”.