Engine RD-171MB for “Soyuz -5” LV will be entirely digitally designed

In 2017 JSC “NPO Energomash” began the development of RD-171MB engine for the first stage of the new medium class LV “Soyuz - 5” and super heavy LV.

In February 2018 the sketch designing of the engine was completed and the work has been accepted by the customer in full volume and within the identified period.

Currently NPO Energomash specialists are in the process of development and generation of design and technological documentation.

The delivery of the first production engine is scheduled for 2021 and therefore the limited terms of RD-171MB engine development make us to introduce naturally modern and advanced methods of design and production of the parts of its units.

For today the base of these methods is maximal digitization of design process and preproduction engineering – all Design Documentation is being generated in 3D format in the form of 3D model of parts, units and entire engine.

Such approach allows not only significantly reduce the terms of the engine development but optimize the process of its production and as a result reduce the general volume of costs.

The RD-171MB engine will be the first engine where the originals of Design Documents will be electronic 3D models, but not paper drawings.

The RD-171MB Design Documentation generation in 3D format will be completed in 2019. Simultaneously the similar activities are conducted for other NPO EM engines including the RD-191 engine for “Angara” LV family.