New capacities of “Proton”

PJSC “Proton-PM” initiated realization of the project to develop production equipment for additive technologies using plasma-jet hard-facing. The relevant agreement was executed on April 19 in the frames of Perm Production Engineering Forum. Mr. Aleksey Kleschevnikov, the head of project office is talking about the Project.

The participants of the Project besides PJSC “Proton-PM” have become Perm engineering companies and small innovation companies involved in R&D – LLC “INKOR”, LLC “Center of Electro-Beam and Laser Technologies”, LLC “Small innovation business “Complex additive technologies”” as well as Perm National Research Polytechnic University.

Agreement on strategic partnership directed to consolidation of the efforts to develop and implement serial production of equipment for plasma-jet hard-facing with layer-by-layer hardening, thermal treatment and mechanical treatment followed up.

The idea of the project and the participants allow obtain significant synergetic result using competence and resources of each party. “Proton-PM” has an experience in the area of serial production and certification of metal-working machinery. Contribution of Perm National Research Polytechnic University and Center of Electro-Beam and Laser Technologies is conditioned by the experience in development of processes of layer –by-layer plasma-jet hard-facing with consequent removal of strains and hardening of the parts manufactured. The companies such as LLC “INKOR” and “Complex additive technologies” will provide for engineering of the project regarding follow-up mechanical treatment and equipment control system design as well as its advancement/promotion.

The selected technology is based on arc layer-by layer building-up welding of large capacity work-pieces with set mechanical properties from titan and aluminum alloys and high-alloy steel. After applying each layer the formed surface is processed not once that makes it harder and removes strains. Uniqueness of our solution is realization of all mentioned above technological reworks within the frames of one complex of manufacturing equipment.

Realization of the project will allow reduce the products cost, increase labor production, shorten the terms of introduction of products, take out of production special-purpose tooling as well as prevent many weak issues of foundry.

In 2018 it is planned to design and fabricate experimental model of machining center of plasma-jet hard-facing with follow-up processing of the part/product. Next step will be development of the equipment for production of large-scale parts with dimension of up to 10 meters and more that is in demand within aircraft and shipbuilding industries.

Today additive technologies form new base competences/capacities of the industry which will determine competitive advantages of companies for the nearest decade. With the purpose to fit into this trend in Perm territory the regional strategy of additive technologies development is under development. The idea of this strategy is an active promotion and introduction of these technologies into science, research and production areas of the Kama river region. One of the strategy projects is the development of production equipment with application of plasma-jet hard-facing of metals.

Within the frames of the strategy the projects for production of powder material and establishment of sharing centers where the companies can have an access to additive technologies and use them in their own innovation projects are being implemented.