JSC NPO Energomash has started a manufacturing cell of ERP system in the facility

One of the main modules of EPR system has been started its operation in NPO Energomash facility since June. It is an engineering/production module on the basis of Galactika AMM. Design, engineering and manufacturing departments of NPO Energomash are involved in the module operation.

More than one year and a half were spent to design and install this module. The leading departments of NPO Energomash took part in design and coordination of module project documentation. More than 300 people were studied to work with this system.

The engineering/production module consists of functionalities like production order statistics, production order control and production order planning.

  • Production order statistics. This functionality provides information about common base for design and engineering data because the data are mandatory to plan the production process, to purchase materials and OEM components and to create the engineering routes of components and assembly units. The information about materials, bought-in components, design documents, notifications of any changes, interplant and intrashop engineering routes help in better planning and execution of future engine production.
  • Production order control. This functionality is used to carry out the calculation of the manufacturing plan and the need in material and technical supply. The head of the ERP system implementation department, Leonid Kozlov, explains: “When you enter the dates of engines to be manufactured in accordance with the signed contracts, it automatically releases the production schedule. This schedule includes the dates of launch, parts and assemblies output dates, necessary data for hardware kits and purchased integrated parts, interplant movements, requirements for design and engineering documentation, human resources etc. The facility departments have an opportunity to exchange data about the schedule execution on-line. The functionality prompts what stage of manufacturing cycle the delay occurred and what way this delay can influence the execution of the complete manufacturing process. And finally,
  • Production order planning. This functionality helps to accommodate the management of production schedule and logistics operations in interrelating manufacturing departments, the formation of manufacturing documentation, the record of inventory holdings operating in manufacturing process.

“Much effort is required to work with the implemented production system for NPO Energomash personnel.” – the Production Director, Vasiliy Charykov notes. “But the main thing is that such systems practically eliminate the possibility of mistakes in resource management as well as those with human factor. The implementation of such systems is vitally important for all organizations that plan their activities in the digital economics space. And we do not have to be behind the market requirements.” – Vasiliy Charikov added.