NPO Energomash has introduced two PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system modules

In August of 2018, NPO Energomash successfully put into operation two modules of data system to control production lifecycle (PLM-systems): «Engineering data management. Base functional» и «Products Designing. Base functional». Preparation activities to put Subsystems «Preproduction engineering. Base functional» into experimental operation are in the process.

Control Board headed by Igor A. Arbuzov, NPO Energomash General Director, controls the activities. More than 400 specialists of Integrated Structure of Propulsion Engineering participate in the project on implementing PLM-system into the company performance.

Development of the modules to control engineering data and design of the products of PLM-system base functional for NPO Energomash took 8 months in total – from October 2018 up to May 2018, the development of the module of preproduction engineering took 6 months – February-July, 2018.

Subsystem «Engineering data management. Base functional» organizes work with engineering data on difficult technical objects, controls all information about them. With its help, it is possible to quickly search and analyze great volume of design and technical documentation required at the stages of designing and production as well as to check the actuality and validity of the data and to support products operation, maintenance and disposal. The subsystem integrates the information of any formats and types and provides it in a structured fashion within the formed database.  

Using Subsystem (Products Designing. Base functional.) Products electronic models in 3D are created – with recording production information to them.   This simplifies the work with data, reduces time for production engineering and results in products cost decrease. 3D-model shall become the original of Design documentation on the base of that full description of all processes in the product is conducted, and as a result, mistakes at designing are eliminated. Currently the preparation for experimental operation of subsystem “Production engineering. Base functional” is underway as well as filling of electronic data directories/classifiers providing for its operation. In the Subsystem, technological processes and documentation as well as operating programs for machines are generated. The purpose is to maximally automate the preproduction and shorten the terms of manufacturing processes development.

«Our strategic goal – digital production in 2020. Engineering and design part, manufacturing process as well as control of manufacturing processes shall be maximally automated. – said Denis Savenkov, Deputy General Director for information technologies development. – We tend to maximally “digitize” full-scale tests being huge temporal, raw material intensive and finance resource in propulsion engineering. These significant investments can be substantially cut down by transforming these processes into digits. In parallel, the key task is to realize/implement digital twin of the product. With formation of 3D-model at the stage of designing, each engine obtains its digital twin, which captures all information about physics along the product life cycle including operation and up to utilization. We have to have all parameters for modeling digitally to analyze deviations; it means we transfer rocket engine into «matrix».

«To implement these goals we need to have «foundation» – highly productive, functional and flexible platform – PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)-system. We have chosen Siemens PLM solutions. This is only the beginning of digital transformation, we are full of efforts and energy to achieve success», – emphasized Denis Savenkov.