110 years ago Valentin Petrovich Glushko was born

The name of the most secured scientists of the USSR, outstanding scientist and designer, the founder of domestic propulsion engineering is well known to all who is proud of victories of mother country in the area of exploration of Space and dreams about new achievements of the Russian Space Rocket Industry. 

On September 2, it will be 110 years since Valentin Petrovich Glushko, the founder of the engines lifting the launch vehicles with the first artificial Earth satellite and the first man into space, assuring the flights to the Moon and the planets of the Solar system, was born. Under management of V. P. Glushko the unique reusable space system “Energia - Buran” and the docking station of Mir long – duration orbital station have been developed. He developed the engines for many types of ballistic missiles ensured the establishment of reliable defensive shield of our country.

Since his juvenile years, he chose the goal and pursued it. All his life he adhered to and followed his vocation – development of rocket engineering. He set the hard going goals and achieved them.

He established the school of domestic rocket engineering which became alma mater for the specialists of the highest qualification. Under his management, the engineers performed exploratory works, formed the fundamental basis of rocket engines development, just everything that for today serves for the main goal of NPO Energomash – development of rocket engines being ahead of time.    

VP. Glushko was born on September 2, 1908 in Odessa. In 1929, he graduated from Leningradsky University. Doctor of Engineering, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of USSR.

In 1929, he was appointed as the chief of subdivision for development of engines and launch vehicles within Gas-Dynamic Laboratory in Leningrad. In 1934, he continued the works within Russian Scientific Research Institute (RSRI) in Moscow. In 1938, he was ungroundedly arrested and in 1939, he was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. He worked in the 4th special department of People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs in Tushino and then in Kazan where he headed the LPRE Design Bureau.  

He was early released in August of 1944, with cancellation of a criminal record and from December of the same year, he continued working in Kazan as the chief of Experimental Design Bureau for special engines (EDB-SE).

In 1945–1946, he studied German rocketry in Germany. From 1946, together with the team of EDB-SE he continued to work in Khimki as the Chief Designer of EDB-456, Energomash Design Bureau.

Since 1974 – he was Director & General Designer of NPO “Energia” with Energomash Design Bureau included until 1990.

Being the scientist of genius and the designer, twice the hero of socialist labor, Lenin and Government prize - winner, academician Valentin Petrovich Glushko has led a full and active life.