Modernization of NPO Energomash Power Supply Complex

Since 2017, NPO Energomash has been conducting the activities in the frames of Federal Space Program JSC “NPO Energomash” Power Facilities Modernization“.

Realization of this Project will cover approximately 50 power objects of three MSDSs, more than 30 shop transformer substations, two compressor stations, two diversion units and boiler plant. Besides, under the project activities it is planned to build one additional fully automated boiler on the territory of Scientific & Testing Complex with three gas-reciprocating units that allow decreasing the costs for vapor transportation.

Totally, 3 billion rubles will be spent to realize this project; two thirds of the money is allocated from the Federal Budget.

In the process of Modernization Project realization, the activities for all directions of power engineering will be conducted – electricity (power) supply, heat supply, air supply, water supply. The activities stipulated within the frames of power plant modernization project will allow achieve total decrease of heat energy assumption from off-site sources by 6% and reduction of the cost to purchase the main fuel and energy resources up to 15% - Mr. Anton Antonov, the chief powerman of the company, told us.


Thus, at one of the main objects of modernization, in the building of the main step-down substation (MSDS) “Lobanovo” large-scale civil and erection works are being conducted. This substation is the power-producing heart of the plant, which supplies electricity to all buildings, and premises of the main production area of the company. Under the frames of the Project of substation modernization, major overhaul of the building, roof covering, restoration of walls and doors, repair and reinforcement of metal constructions and change of old distribution boxes/units in full volume will be conducted. Operation beginning after the reconstruction is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2018.

In 2018 under the project of modernization of Power Supply Complex, a great part of equipment was purchased. Currently NPO Energomash specialists are working to accept high voltage units at the territory of the company. Soon we expect the delivery of steam boiler and compressors for the needs of Scientific and Test Facility.

Completion of the activities to reconstruct power supply complex of the company is planned for the end of 2021.