NPO Energomash and S7 Space to start cooperation program

S7 space and JSC NPO Energomash signed cooperation agreement early in October. The scope of planned cooperation covers a whole range of joint activity areas for the benefit of both companies under the current and long-term plans. In particular, the agreement foresees the cooperation development related to renewal of manufacture, certification and commercial sales of "land" and "high level" modifications of one of the engines developed by NPO Energomash. They are planned to be used for S7 Space benefits and as a part of advanced and modernized various classes LVs including international projects. Besides that, the Parties agreed to issue a separate agreement providing the terms of purchasing and delivery of new RD171M production engines. In order to study the details and develop the cooperation roadmap, the Parties agreed to create the joint working team with participation of SC Roskosmos representatives.