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May 15
Initiation within Gas-Dynamics Laboratory (GDL) in Leningrad of a team engaged in electric and liquid-propellant rocket engines development headed by Valentin P. Glushko.
Summer, 1931
The first ORM national liquid-propellant rocket engine (LPRE), developed by Valentin P. Glushko underwent fire tests.
December 7, 1944
Specific Engines Research and Development Bureau (SE-RDB) is established in Kazan to develop advanced aircraft propulsion units.
July, 3, 1946
SE-RDB was ordered to move to Khimki (Moscow region), and the Experimental Design Bureau No.456 (OKB-456) for powerful LPREs development was initiated. Today the enterprise is called Joint Stock Company “NPO Energomash”.
October 10, 1948
Successful launch of the first Soviet ballistic missile, R-1 powered by RD-100 engine developed and manufactured by OKB-456.
October 4, 1957
The space age begins with the launch of the Earth’s first artificial satellite using Sputnik Launch Vehicle (LV) with the first RD-107 and second RD-108 stages (developed by OKB-456).
April 12, 1961
Vostok LV powered by RD-107/108 engines brings into the orbit the spacecraft with the Earth’s First Cosmonaut – Yuri Gagarin.
July 16, 1965
First launch of the Proton LV powered by the first stage RD-253 engines. Within four years, OKB-456 developed RD-253 that uses nitrogen tetroxide and unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (heptyl).
March 6, 1972
First flight test of RD-264 engine within the first stage R-36M (classified abroad as SS-18 Satan) intercontinental ballistic missile.
August 25, 1980
First fire test of RD-170 - the most powerful LPRE in the world - designed for the Soviet super-heavy Energiya LV.
January 19, 1990
Energomash Engineering Design Bureau and Energomash Pilot-Production Plant were given a new name - Research and Manufacturing Association Energomash (NPO Energomash).
January, 1996
RD-180 two-chamber engine project based on RD-170 engine wins the bid to develop and deliver engines for the modified Atlas-II LV manufactured by Lockheed Martin (USA).
May 24, 2000
First launch of the Atlas-IIIA rocket powered by the first stage RD-180 engine.
July 27, 2001
First RD-191 engine for the Angara LV family went through the fire tests.
June 9, 2014
First launch of Angara-1.2 LV powered by RD-191 engine developed by NPO Energomash.
May 7, 2015
Certification for RD-181 engine to become the first-stage engine for Antares LVs.
December, 2015
First launch of the evolved Antares LV (USA) powered by RD-181