Engines provided first flight of an intercontinental ballistic missile, the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, first manned flight into space/ More than 15 various modifications of RD-107/ RD-108 engines were developed for different tasks.

New modification of engines with chemical ignition – system of chemical ignition instead of pyrotechnic was developed. 12 fire tests on 2 engines with chemical ignition were conducted. For today it is ready for certification and flight tests. Development of laser ignition of engines is underway.

The first launch of “Progress” spacecraft with 14D21 and 14D22 engines – May 21, 2001, first manned launch with 14D21 and 14D22 engines – October 30, 2002. 121 launches of “Soyuz-FG” and “Soyuz-2” LVs with 14D21 and 14D22 engines were conducted, including 47 manned ones (on July 31, 2017).