Scientific Test Complex has a unique test base with more than 70 test benches for all types of tests of LPREs and independent units.

The development of test benches #1 and #2 was initiated in 1947 in connection with the new tasks of Experimental Design Bureau (EDB) in the area of development and retrofit of powerful rocket engines.

Test Benches # 1and # 2 are designed to conduct Hot fire Tests of powerful Liquid Propulsion Rocket Engines operating with rocket fuel such as kerosene (T6, RG-1, RP-1) and liquid oxygen under conditions close to operational ones with simulation of full-scale testing conditions and meeting environmental requirements. More than 30 types of engines and propulsion systems were developed at EM test benches including the perspective engines of a new generation such as the RD-180 engines for “Atlas” LVs, the RD-171M engines for “Zenit” LV and the RD-191 engines for “Angara” LVs. Test benches support repeated tests without removal of an engine from a test bench.

Control panel of test benches #1 and #2 is located in the monitoring room.

Technological systems of a test bench and an engine are controlled by local control systems on the base of program and hardware tools in open.

Standard VME and a complex of special electronic equipment developed by NPO Energomash. Reliability of control systems is ensured by redundancy at equipment and information levels. Electricity supply system is equipped by uninterruptible power supply. Automated Control Systems, Failure Response Systems, Thrust Vector Control Systems are integrated into one data control complex.

Scientific Test Complex is equipped with the complex of automated control systems, measurement control systems, automated systems of registering and processing test results on the base of modern computers, and has special engineering and production divisions to develop and built within a short period:


Unique nonstandard test rigs


Manufacturing tooling devices


Measurement systems


Automated control systems to conduct all types of tests


At JSC «NPO Energomash» the following elements can be tested:

  • Centrifugal flow pumps
  • Gas and hydraulic turbines
  • Separators and other devices for dairy and food industry
  • Control units of pneumatic-hydraulic and sanitary engineering systems
  • Gimbal bearings/rolling bearings
  • Different types of shaft seals
  • Injectors
  • Samples of any materials and coatings practically for any operation conditions.

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