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Manufacturing capabilities and services

JSC "NPO Energomash named after Academician V. Glushko" offers a range of high-quality service activities. They are as follows:


Machining/mechanical processing. It includes turning, milling, drilling, polishing, thread process and etc.;


welding and brazing. The welding can be manual, semiautomatic and automatic arc welding, electron-beam, resistance spot, seam and diffusion. And the brazing is done in vacuum-compressor units, induction furnaces and etc.;

JSC "NPO Energomash named after Academician V. Glushko" offers a range of high-quality service activities. They are as follows:

  • thermal processing. It usually includes thermal processing in furnace, vacuum thermal processing, HFC thermal processing, nitriding, case-hardening and etc.;

  • galvanizing. It includes chromium-plating, copper plating, silver-plating, nickel-plating, zinc plating, cadmium plating, phosphating, gold plating, electro-polishing and etc.;

  • casting of heat-resistant alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum casting and etc.;

  • blacksmith’s manufacturing It consists of forging, cutting, stamping and etc.;

  • sheet-metal forming and etc.


The facility is fit out with modern multiple-purpose and special-purpose equipment, which allows manufacturing of tiny fastening elements, tubing accessories as well as large-size housing parts.

The facility experts provide the development of unique manufacturing processes, parts and units manufacturing, assembling and testing of elements and units of the rocket engines. All the most perfect methods of LPRE parts and units manufacturing have been mastered at NPO Energomash facility. They are as follows:

  • casting according to the consumable patterns of large-size, pneumatic-tight, geometrically-complex casts, which combine long thin walls with load-bearing element, from high heat-resistant alloys (with a mass of up to 0.3 t), titanium (with a mass of not more than 0.12 t) as well as heat-resisting materials;
  • application of ion-plasma metal and nonmetal heat-resistant coating with an increased thickness up to 500 microns, which has a high adhesive strength and doesn’t reduce the fatigue resistance of the main material;
  • brazing of multilayered constructions in the high-temperature vacuum-compressor furnaces which provides their operation under working pressure of hundred atmospheres;
  • automatic arc welding of dissimilar materials, for instance, heat-resisting nickel alloy and high-resistance steel; electron-beam welding of welded-brazed joints;
  • elastic metal seals manufacturing. The seals provide reliable hermetization of detachable joints such as cryogenic lines, high-temperature lines as well as pneumatic systems units;
  • the multilevel bellows manufacturing. The bellows are assigned for the compensation of linear and angle deformations in gas and tube pipelines operating in the medium of high-temperature gases and corrosive liquids with pressures up to 50 MPa;
  • the centrifugal liquid pumps, the gas and hydraulic turbines, pneumatic-hydraulic systems control units, injectors and other dispensing devices tests. They are tested with water, air, liquid oxygen, liquid and gaseous nitrogen, hydrocarbons, helium and high-temperature gas.

The achieved level of technologies allows manufacturing the unique engines found neither in Russia nor in any other foreign countries.

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