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Social policy


The primary asset of the Integrated Structure for rocket engineering (ISRE) is its employees, who create reliable, efficient, and competitive rocket engines. One of the main tasks of top management at the enterprises with ISRE is to build up human resources, and create favorable conditions for personnel at JSC NPO Energomash.

A number of social programs are implemented at the enterprise, providing comprehensive support for employees and veterans of JSC NPO Energomash.

In accordance with the provisions of the labor contract, employees at NPO Energomash are provided with guarantees and benefits that include payment of pensions to retired employees, and to employees who came to work at JSC NPO Energomash after military service, and also for women in case of childbirth. Employees receive additional paid leave, and are compensated for work-related injuries; veterans receive social assistance.
The support program for young specialists includes a one-time payment (signing bonus) for employees when they start work at the company, team-building activities, applied research conferences, and training in the continuing education program.
he enterprise administration handles socio-residential issues for employees. Non-residents are provided with accommodation spaces in the company hotel, payments for rented accommodation are compensated, and transport to work via electric commuter trains is compensated.
The administration at JSC NPO Energomash is interested in supporting and improving the health of its employees. All the enterprise’s employees are provided with high-quality medical care in accordance with the mandatory health insurance and voluntary health insurance programs at Clinic No. 3 of Central Clinic No. 119 of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia and at the best clinical hospitals in Moscow. Children of enterprise employees are provided with free medical care at the Energomash’s very own Child Health Clinic. Specialists, taking a job with the enterprise receive a preliminary medical examination and a yearly preventive medical examination thereafter.
One of the priorities of the social policy at JSC NPO Energomash is to provide personnel with time for recreation and recovery. For this purpose, employees receive vacation packages at reduced prices.Workers who are exposed to harmful agents during production receive free vacation packages to rehabilitation and recovery centers in the Moscow region. For family vacation with children, the employees are offered reduced-price vacation packages to helth and fitness centers on the Black Sea coast in Krasnodar Krai and to the Vympel health and fitness children's camp (Klin District).
The sport and physical fitness development program provides support for the "Energomash" football team, and employees are encouraged to take part in public sport events. Spart contests are held at the enterprise in various sports, as well as team events between subdivisions within the company, the winners of which events are awarded with valuable prizes.For its employees JSC NPO Energomash also implements a beneficial fitness and sports scheme at the local spors centers complexes.