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Innovative development program (PID)



The program for innovative development at JSC NPO Energomash is a component part of the Company Development Strategy.

For innovation management and the Program for Innovative Development implementation activities improving first stage:

  • the position of Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, Innovative Activities and Marketing was introduced;

  • the Department for the Coordination of Strategic Development and Innovative Activities was established;

  • the Innovation Committee was formed developed to assess the main results of innovative projects.

Within implementation of the Program for Strategic Transformations of Rocket Engineering Enterprises within OJSC United Rocket and Space Corporation, which was approved by the Supervisory Board of OJSC URSC (minutes No. 22/2016, dated 03.23. 2016), the enterprise introduced:

  • the position of General Director as a single-member executive body;

  • the organizational structure of the functional area of Deputy General Director for Strategic Development, Innovative Activities and Marketing, which structure now includes the Department for Developing and Implementing the Program for Innovative Development as part of the Department of Strategic Transformations and Development Programs.


In order to implement the project administration principle, including for innovative projects and for monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of investments in innovations, a Project Administration Center (PMC) is established within the structure; the main objectives of the Center are:

  • to standardize processes of project and program management and to facilitate the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools, and methods so as to improve the administration of the Joint Stock Company (JSC);
  • to maintain the chain of command between JSC Roscosmos State Corporation and rocket engine manufacturers while aligning the strategic goals, defined by the JSC’s Strategy, with projects and programs;
  • to implement the most efficient methods of achieving the JSC’s strategic goals and objectives.

Now a Science and Engineering Council is established at JSC NPO Energomash, which includes specialists from JSC NPO Energomash, JSC KBKhA (Voronezh), andPJSC Proton-PM (Perm); the Council is to include the following sections:

  • scientific, engineering design, and experimental projects;

  • new materials and technologies;

  • information technologies.


IT activities are focused on introducing the company’s corporate information system (CIS) and providing the company’s subdivisions with up-to-date computing technologies and peripheral equipment.


  1. A CAD/CAM/PLM product lifecycle management system based on software modules from Siemens;
  2. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that automates the enterprise’s financial, economic and manufacturing activities and is based on Galaktika Corporation software customized for JSC “NPO Energomash”;
  3. An automated MES and SCADA system for the day-to-day management of manufacturing operations at the shop-floor level and for obtaining manufacturing objectives;
  4. An e-document flow system based on LanDocs, which comprehensively automates managerial document flow and records management processes;
  5. A project management information system (PMIS) based on MS Project Server and MS SharePoint, which automates project lifecycle management;
  6. A corporate computer network for the enterprise, the purpose of which is to ensure the functioning of various elements of the enterprise’s CIS.


  • Access to information about the PILs is to be restricted, and such information may not be disclosed or published until its commercial value has been analyzed. If a decision to patent has been made, information on the PILs is to be classified as a commercial secret until the patent application has been published;

  • The novelty of products manufactured and/or sold, works performed and services provided by JSC NPO Energomash is to be ascertained so as to prevent JSC NPO Energomach from infringing on third-party rights;

  • JSC NPO Energomach rights to the PILs are to be protected, including protection through administrative, pre-judicial and judicial proceedings, with participation from the Energomach Legal Department and, if necessary, experts and other stakeholders;

  • Areas of application for PILs are to be determined and analysis is to be performed so as to create solutions required for implementing already existing PILs in the enterprise’s manufacturing operations;

  • Corporate culture is to be created that provides employees with incentives for their inventive activities; said culture is to include periodic events to enhance employees motivation in this area, which will take the form of staging contests and awarding honors and certificates of merit and appreciation;

  • Employees’ inventive activities, including creation and commercialization of PILs, are to be encouraged by record-keeping, and by using key performance indicators, depending on the complexity of the PIL, to reflect an employee’s contribution to creating the PILs and the positive effects of the latter, including income-boosting and cost-cutting effects achieved by using rights to the PILs; the respective target values are to be set, and the employee’s achievements in working with the PILs are to be recorded during a general assessment of his or her performance;

  • Employees of JSC NPO Energomash are to be trained in the area of their professional activities and are to attend programs and courses for professional development in the area of intellectual property;

  • Employees are to be rewarded for creating PILs in the course of fulfilling their professional responsibilities, and for using them in operations at JSC NPO Energomash.

For the purposes of carrying out the abovementioned activities, Regulations on the Management of JSC NPO Energomash's Rights to Products of Intellectual Labor shall be developed with due regard for recommendations issued by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation concerning the management of rights to products of intellectual labor in organizations (order of the Government of the Russian Federation, dated February 4, 2014 No. ISH-P8-800).  



Procurement activities at JSC “NPO Energomash” are carried out in accordance with Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 223-FZ, dated 18.07.2011 “On Goods, Works and Services Procurement by Certain Types of Entities” and in accordance with the JSC “NPO Energomash” Procurement Regulations, which regulate activities for procuring goods (works, services) at JSC “NPO Energomash”, including:

  • Procurement methods and their use enviroment;

  • Preparation and implementation of the procedures including these methods consist;

  • Execution, conclusion, and implementation of the agreements, related to the abovementioned procurements.  

The goal of activities within the Regulations is to provide JSC NPO Energomash with proper quality goods, works, and services at market, competitive prices via public and open tender procedures, which ensures equal opportunities for all bona fide suppliers and contractors to prepare and submit proposals. To implement the activities within the Regulations, a Department for Organizing Procurement has been established within the JSC NPO Energomash management structure, directly subordinate to the Deputy General Director for Procurements.

Direct procurement of innovative products for use in liquid-propellant rocket engines (LPREs) would be impossible without preliminary testing at the testing and design stage; therefore, JSC NPO Energomash has been applying a multi-step procedure that allows comprehensive study of not only the possibility of applying of this or that innovative product, but also the detailed development of a mechanism for its integration with the existing technological process for production of a given product.

Representatives of the operational divisions listed below usually represent JSC “NPO Energomash” in negotiations on cooperation:

  • Design Department (Petr Levochkin, Deputy General Director & Chief Designer, tel. +7 (495) 286-90-90);

  • Technical Service (Alexander Bibichev, Chief Engineer, tel./fax +7 (495) 286-92-62);

  • Procurement Service (Damir Shaiderov, Deputy General Director for Procurement, tel. +7 (495) 286-91-75);

  • Information Technology Service (Denis Savenkov, Head of the Office for Development of Information Technologies, tel. +7 (495) 286-93-12).

After the expiry of a pre-contract period set in accordance with the procedure established at the enterprise (an enterprise standard), a work specification is developed, which forms the basis for Legal Department specialists, together with representatives of the core subdivision to prepare contractual documents.

The process of preparing contractual documents is carried out in strict compliance with the “Regulations on the Procedure for Preparing and Entering into Civil Law Agreements” established at the enterprise.

A decision on the expediency of this or that agreement conclusion is made by a manager from the enterprise’s upper management, who is authorized to make such a decision. The manager’s decision takes the form of a request from the operational division that prepared it, in accordance with the Regulations. Before the request is delivered to the member of upper manager who is authorized to decide on the expediency of the agreement conclusion, it (the request) is concurred by the Office of Economic Security.