The results of calculations of specific impulse of RD191 engine at increased values of nozzle expansion degree are presented. The specific impulse and geometric parameters of nozzle with optimal degree of expansion, at which payload mass will be largest one, are determined. Variants of installation of stationary nozzle extensions on section of serial nozzle and creation of new nozzle with extreme contour are considered. It is shown that in nominal and throttling mode of RD191 engine with optimal degree of nozzle expansion, there is no danger of entering the impact wave into nozzle.


Stationary nozzle extension for RD-191 engine.

V.D. Gaponov, M.A. Kashapov, A.S. Kiselev


Change of chemical composition of jet of oxygen-kerosene LRE when mixed with atmospheric air.

A.S. Kiselev, T.N. Tamalentseva


Computational study of impact of leaks through seals on axial forces in pumps of TPU.

A.A. Afanasiev, Yu.V. Demyanenko


Effect of cavitation in pump of TPU on parameters of LRE operation.

E.A. Gemranova, Yu.I. Kanalin, N.P. Poletaev, A.A. Frolov


Influence of thermal conductivity coefficient of structural materials on temperature of helium in supercharging unit.

A.S. Smekalkin, A.V. Ivanov


Estimation of possibility of using the nozzle with break contour for advanced single-chamber LPRE of JSC "NPO Energomash".

I.V. Burtsev, S.V. Kuzmichev, D.S. Pushkarev


New adaptive method for estimation of moment of time of occurrence and localization of LRE fault during fire tests.

S.S. Kamensky, D.S. Martirosov

About improving the emergency protection system using methods of functional diagnostics based on mathematical models of working processes.

P.S. Levochkin, V.K. Chvanov, I.B. Davydov, S.S. Kamensky, D.S. Martirosov


Design developments in projects of propulsion systems of advanced launch vehicles with common pin nozzles.

V.K. Chvanov, L.E. Sternin, P.S. Levochkin, B.V. Lopatin, N.B. Ponomarev, V.M. Nizovtsev, V.E. Shirshov, A.E. Denisov, Ya.P. Grishko, V.Y. Yuriev


Suppression of high-frequency instability in M340-000 preburner of RD276 engine.

S.R. Zabolotskikh, M.N. Zubakin, V.A. Kurkov, P.S. Levochkin, S.A. Skibin, V.V. Tkach, V.A. Khaliullin


Features of unloading rotors of turbopump units of LRE with axial supply of working fluid to turbine.

A.I. Dmitrenko, A.V. Ivanov


Cylindrical heat exchanger of RD171M engine of “Zenit” LV family.

O.G. Klyueva


Development of new improved variants of designs of piston seals and refining design of drainage duct of pneumatic actuator of oxidizer valve of single chamber lox-kerosene LPRE.

E.V. Krapivnykh, A.A. Telenkov


Development of metal-ceramic coating to protect the gas duct of turbine.

A.F. Atlanova, Yu.V. Drozdova, N.A. Ivshin, A.V. Korovkin


Microstructure and phase composition of 273 alloy and their connection with technological destruction of preburner’ injectors.

A.M. Polyansky, V.M. Polyansky, A.R. Gainullin, Ya.S. Zharikov


Effect of heat treatment on reducing the impact elasticity of 03Kh12N10MTR-VD steel.

A.M. Polyansky, M.V. Zaitsev, V.M. Polyansky, A.R. Gainullin, Ya.S. Zharikov, A.S. Tyutikov


Development of technology of brazing the oxygen pump housing with wall of silver alloy.

A.B. Aminov, N.M. Grigorkin, K.E. Dubrovsky


Reasons for low level of adhesion of electroplated silver coating at ring seals of hot gas ducts of LRE.

A.M. Polyansky, V.M. Polyansky, V.V. Zakharov


About application of VNS-25KL high-strength cast steel of new class in brazed-welded units of LRE.

V.I. Novikov


About removal of manganese at high temperature brazing with manganese-containing brazing alloys in vacuum.

A.B. Aminov, K.E. Dubrovsky


Comparative analysis of methods for applying ultrasonic vibrations to part and electrode-tool in operation of electroerosion hole making.

Yu.P. Astakhov, I.I. Belov, K.A. Bogdanov, S.V. Kushnarenko, A.A. Perepechkin, A.O. Fomichev


Ground experimental testings of 14D21, 14D22 rocket engines and D664-000, D664-200, D664-400 steering units on "O2 + naphthyl" propellant components.

I.A. Ganin, P.S. Levochkin, V.P Nizhegorodtsev, V.K. Chvanov, E.S. Yakovlev


Evaluation of test capability of high-altitude LRE at stand of NPO Energomash.

A.N. Kolymagin, V.K. Starkov, A.N. Ushkov


From history of rocket engineering – about creative contribution of Yu.N. Kutukov.

V.M. Evgrafov, V.F. Rakhmanin, V.K. Chvanov, V.M. Filin


First test experts of Energomash (G.F. Firsov, V.S. Radutny, A.P. Iyudin and others).

V.S. Sudakov, N.N. Pryadkin


60 years of kamsky branch of JSC "NPO Energomash" (historical story).

M.N. Zubatki